Alsaffar International


Al-Saffar Intl. is a privately owned International trading and distribution company with operations spanning across the world. 
We proudly serve customers from the several key sectors such as Oil & Travel & Luggage, Electronic Goods, Gold and Diamond Jewelry, Restaurants and the Real Estate sector as part of our portfolio.
Al-Saffar International has established itself as a conglomerate with years of experience in the field of importing and distributing goods to its local markets successfully. With a string of brands already launched successfully, moving forward the company has now made it a priority to source quality products, find the right market to target and distribute these products both locally as well as abroad. The prestigious brand we have developed over the decades we have been in operation have allowed us to bring renowned and prominent brands to the Kuwaiti market in particular. With over 60 employees supporting our efforts we are projecting doubling our market share by 2020.

Our Mission

Fostering long-term confidence and respect, while generating sustained growth for all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To excel and show consistent progress to our stakeholders in every sector we operate in.